Shopping Gala Is On the Way, Can You Tell the Variety of those Red Packets?

  First, follow me to read out:Duo Shou (means chopping hands)

  If you often heard your Chinese friends say "Duo Shou", don't be scared, nor should you think your friends are violent. Amongst today’s Internet fans in China, there is a wider and broader definition to "Duo Shou", e.g., after online shopping, you suddenly find yourself having spent loads of money and the balance in your bank account just plunged. At this specific moment, would you wish so badly that you have chopped your hands off instead of buying too much online? If you do so, then congratulations, you know exactly what "Duo Shou" means.

  Every November 11th is a carnival for "hands-chopping gang" who are indulged in online shopping. On this day, tantalizing discounts and rebates cause the "hands-chopping people" to be out of control of their hands, ceaselessly clicking mouse to buy products (think about the "Black Friday" of America. The only difference is this one is online). This well-known 'Chinese Single's Day' online shopping festival taking place 8 years ago amazes the world by its huge transaction volume. In 2016, the sales volume exceeded RMB 10 billion only within 6 minutes and 58 seconds after the 24 o'clock on the "Double Elevens" shopping festival, and the transaction volume on that day surpassed RMB 120.7 billion. This festival has now become a nationwide shopping extravaganza, while in its very beginning, it was only designed to attract the singles to buymore, though. 

  The "Double 11" day of this year is coming to us without hesitation, bringing us with more and better varieties than simple deduction of price in exchange of more purchases as previously. Indulged in "Carnival of Diversity" this year, most of the "hands-chopping people" are worried about that they must be good at Mathematical Olympiad, else theywill be lost in the myth of what to buy best.

  What's going on?


  Presale: Complicated Modes and Many Tricks

  Known conditions are as follows:

  Deposit inflates (by 1 to 3 times)

  Balance payment with deduction once exceeding a certain amount

  Added red packets and coupons 

  Cross-shop activities & shop activities without any joining conditions

  Please answer:

  How to buy products with the lowest price?


  Guess "hands-chopping people" are now carefully calculating it.

  Lost in Numerous Red Packets

  Click on the HomePage of your favorite shopping website and get your Main Venue Red Packetvia the Red Packets Rain;

  Share your Torch Red Packet with friends to light the "torch" together and share the red packet of RMB 250 million

Join in the "hands-chopping" team, colleting the daily points of "hands-chopping people". The higher the points are, the larger the value of the red packet will be.

  There are other "Intimate Red Packets" …

  Isn't there anyone could directly tell me how much money I should have to buy a product and how much I will save through those activities?


  If our foreign friends also want to join the Double 11shopping carnival, don't worry about without the know-how.

  Referring to the following tips, you will never want to chop your hands off after a crazy buying.

  1.If you don’t know the price of a certain product in ordinary days, you'd better control yourself of impulsive buying. Because it may just be RMB 5 cheaper than the original price or even just the same price as the original one, while you have to wait a relatively long time for the delivery of your product due to the busy logistics of Double 11.

  2.Before buying, don't forget to check out whether there is a coupon.

  3.Presale products usually are cheaper.

  4.Transfer your money you would spend during the Double 11 to Yu’E Bao in advance, which could improve the successful transaction rate. 

  5.Just let your Chinese friends help you in the "difficult task" of snatching red packets.

  Well, with those tips, please join us in the Double 11shopping carnival and have fun with your Chinese friends.


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