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Time to start running!

There's no risk of sunburn during Autumn, and the season's breezes are pleasant exercise companions.

Here are the 11 best running routes in Chengdu.


Hejiang Pavilion

Highlights: Long routes and lively organic background music

This route, easily the most scenic, epitomizes the Chengdu running expetince, weaving the city's pastand present. Anshun Bridge, Hejiang Pavilion, Shui Jing Fang, Shangri-La Hotel, Lan Kwai Fong, Wang Jiang Park... 


East Lake Park

Highlights: Wide road and outstanding environment

East Lake is known as "Chengdu's lung". The only ecological lake within the Third Ring Road, the area provides spacious asphalt Running tracks, excellent lighting condition, and it's superior nature. If you prefer your physical exertions close to nature, this should be high on your list.


Fu Nan River Huo Shui Park

Highlights: Scenic trackwithplentyoftrees

From the park to the 339 TV Tower, the night view hereis very beautiful. There are so many trees. Many runners like to run along the river.


Bailuzhou Wetland Park

Coursingthrougha1, 350-acreecologicalpark,this9-kilometerroutewillmeet the demands of long-distance runners.Theheavyvegetationalsoattractsalotofbirdstorest,henceit's nickname: Egret Island.


Jinjiang 198 LOHAS

Highlight: specifically designed for wellness and sustainability

The 198 LOHAS is the first large green road in Jinjiang. It is next to the "Happy Merlin" and the Golden Harbour track. The track also offers specialized cycling tracks.


Phoenix Park

Highlights: Quiet, less foot traffic, and good greenery

Mountain park, away from downtown, and nice green environment.

There are two uphill and downhill paths suitable for jogging. You could exercise leg muscles at moderate intensity here.. 

. 凤凰山公园.png

Huan Hua Xi Park

Highlight: Five star forest park in Chengdu

The only five star forest park in Chengdu. It is next to the Du Fu Thatched Cottage Museum. The park is clean, and the air there is fresh. Take your time and enjoy Huan Hua Xi Park's cultural atmosphere and scenery.


Bai Hua Tan Park

Highlight: Suitable for running and thinking

The whole park is elegantly constructed with lush flowers and trees.


Dong Po Sports Park

Highlights: Elegant environment with fully equipped exercise facilities

A forest-style sports center. One lap there is 900 meters.


Sichuan University Wangjiang campus

Highlight:  Less traffic, standard plastic tracks

Wangjiang campus has standard plastic track for running. There is also less traffic on campus. One minus point is that in the evening lots of students and people who live nearby will throng the place.


Jin Cheng Lake

Highlight: It's meant to be a running place

Jincheng Lake is next to the International Center. The park has lush vegetation, and the water is clean. You can fully enjoy nature's comfort there. In total, there are four lakes. Circling around one lake is about 2.7km, and trying to cover all four should be plenty as a workout.



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