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Various Food Choice with 10RMB in Chengdu

  How's your weekend? I spent my Sunday at Shuang Lin Road and Xiang HeLi Community to discover those hidden cheap but authentic delicacies. Ever wonder about what you can get with no more than 10kuai note? Follow me to find it out!

  Chan Quan

  I was attracted to the store's refreshing style as soon as I got in. Beautiful story of the name Chan Qaun was written on the all. You could see the tools and materials to make an ice jelly on the table beside the entrance. 

  Price: 9RMB

  ADD: No.14, #2 south gate, Xinhua Community. (Next to WanHeLongMen Hot Pot)


  Chan Quan Ice Jelly

  Chan Quan ice jelly, which is also called San Xian (three-delicacy) ice jelly, has small glutinous rice balls, fermented sweat rice, tremella and osmanthus flowers with a sutble taste from the aroma of the flowers. Unlike the traditional flavor, suchice jelly doesn't have brown sugar in it. So, it tastes more fresh and delicious than the traditional. 


  Rose Ice Jelly

  I've tried various rose ice jellies but found this bowl special. Because it could 'dance' and made sound after Zhang stirred it. You know why? It added popping candy that made the ice jelly more interesting without affecting the taste.


QingYun Noodle

  Across the Xin Hua Park is a noodle restaurant that runs for 24-hour. 

  ADD: No. 105-7, ShuangLin North Road. 

  Price: 7RMB


  QingYun Noodle

  When you come to the restaurant, you must try the house specialty Qing Yun Noodle. It is filled with sliced roasted rabbit meat, crunchy peanuts and chili powder on top of it. The noodle is chewyand rich in flavor, smells tasty and isn’t that spicy. Strongly recommend!


  Steamed Eggwith Minced Pork

  You can enjoy a delicious steamed egg with minced pork for a mere 5 yuan. The egg is steamed with pot-stewed minced meat so that the egg is immersed in the gravy. If you are a meat lover and being afraid of gaining weight, you can try this steamed egg to trick your stomach. 


Mixed Congee

  The restaurant has been around for more than 20 years. It carries a lot of old memories of Chengdu as its address moves from Yandai Alley to Qingshiqiao, and now in Shuanglin. There was a customer next to my table said she came to eat in 2008, but now, it tastes as good as it was. 

  ADD: Shuang Lin North Road (Close to Xin Hua Park)



  Sweet Potato Noodles with Beef

  Price: 10RMB

  I have to admit that I swallowed when I saw the sweet potato noodles with beef. I was so satisfied to have a bowl of it. It was delicious to eat the sweet potato noodles with sour bamboo shoots in the red chili oil with beef fat, much better taste than that cooked in Maocai. What’s more, the flavor was the same as I ate in my hometown when I was a child. 


  Steamed Dumpling

  Price: 6RMB


  Mixed Congee

  Price: 4RMB

  Dumplings with the stuffing of pork and leek tasted good. But the dumpling wrappers, not handmade, were a bit of thick that affected the taste. The mixed congee was cooked thicker in glutinous rice. Sweetness could be adjusted according to personal preference. All of these are minded me the taste of my childhood.


Gao Ji Tofu Jelly

  FinallyIfound the Gao Ji tofu jelly in XiangHeLi community after a day’s going around and around with 10 yuan. Unlike other fly restaurants, small restaurants that served delicious and cheap food, Gao Ji followed a delicate classical style in its layout. 

  ADD: No 188, XiangHeLi


  Tofu Jelly 

  Price: 10RMB

  The tofu jelly are dusted with deep fried pork, beef, scallions, and crushed peanuts. All of these are mixed for a crispy and soft flavor. Taste delicious!


  Tian Can Potato

  Price: 7RMB

  Well, I call it Chinese fries and it's nothing compare to those street stalls who sell LangYa potato. 



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