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More Bread!

Hi there, it's me again – Potato Head.I tried 11 types of bread in Chengdu, so time for a report.


WHEAT & BAKER_meitu_6.jpg

  WHEAT & BAKER, on the first floor of Raffles Plaza, is a favorite among local foodies. Here's my preliminary assessment:



  I seek the dough that gives – the springier the better. My baguette had a lovely crust with crisy edges. Baguettes are best within six hours after leaving the oven, but I came in too late. As a result, I was left way a dried upbread stick deep in decline and somehow chewy and saggy at once.

  However, I will not be defeated by a meer baguette. My baguette knowledge is vast, and I will now lecture on said bread.


  Baguette isn't baked with fat, so it dries easy. It's best to cut your bread into 4cm thick chunks and spray them with some water. Then, place the bread chunks in an oven that's been pre-heated for 10 minutes for a quick bake.You won't witness a full-fledged resurrection of fresh baguette, but it’s a close enough fix. Wheat & Baker sells a cheese that goes well with their baguettes, so give it a try.

  Almond Croissant


My belly can testify to these croissants. Decked out in generous portions of almond bits, these buttery gems straddle the luxuriously fluffy and the delightfully brittle. Oh my! My fellow visitors remarked that these croissants were the same as those found in Italy.



  Bagels are carbs you rarely regret.Fermented dough is rinsed in boiling water before being put in the oven for a better texture and a smoother surface.There are many ways to eat a bagel. I tend to just shove it in my face. You can also daubd your bagels with cream cheese. You can even slice them and throw in some ham and cheese for a bagel sandwich. Impeccable.

  Frankfurt Sausage Pastry


  My friend braved the crowds many a times before she finally got hold of a sausage pastry. "It's a letdown," she said, "Well, not that it wasn’t good. It just wasn't earth-shattering as the hype would lead you to believe."

Baker & Base

Baker & Base_meitu_3.jpg

  Located at the B1 of Wangfujing on Chunxi Road, this bakery has the whole package: desserts, tea, and coffee. It also allows dine-in. Every type of bread has been clearly labelled and their ingredients detailed.

  Tainong Mango


  Fresh mangos, New Zealand cheese, milk, granulated sugar, yeast, and Hong Kong Golden Statue Brand Wheat Flour. The mangos are a mouthful, and the bread is fluffy but nicely chewy. But this is heavy food, so you might want to make this a share experience.

  California Sunshine


  Whole grain wheat flour, USraisin, walnuts, brandy, and Golden Statue premium flour, this bread is sure to satisfy your taste bud. Even if you find raisins too sweet, the walnuts do counteract and complement them well. Your toungue makes its landing on a slinky bready surface before your teeth meet their maker in those nuts and raisins swaddled in supple bread. Healthy and filling, these are nice candidates for your breakfast staple.

  Durian Cheese Bread


  Good news for durian lovers. Stuffed with durian cheese and fruits, these breads are rich in the characteristic durian punch but never overly sweet. Do be cautious when consuming these in spaces populated by others.

Ole' Bakery

Ole' Bakery_meitu_4.jpg

  Quality and variety meet at Ole’ Bakery, on B1 of Taikoo Li. This place is a personal favorite.

  Rye Bread with Raisins


  The second you chew on this, the fragrance and sweetness of fruits permeate you, a mingle starring wholesome fruits and sour rye.

  Tofu Bread

doufubao T.jpg

Liberal use of butter and eggs make the bread soft but tight, offering a light flavor that will win over you.



  Feral waffle artist spotted!

  All the milky allure makes my self control crumble. When it comes to Ole’s waffles, I’m a serial offender, never able to keep my waffle cravings in check. Their waffles are those mini cakes from childhood realized and fully upgraded. I tear up at the mere mention of them.

Brioche Dorée



  Baguettes here are freshly baked, so you need to wait for 20 minutes. Fresh out of the oven, these bread marvels give off a pleasant crunch and springy texture when you bite into them. Forget about your diet!

  Yet what I miss night and day is still those white steamed buns!


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