Experience TCM Physiotherapy (Part 2)

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(Note: The following general physiotherapy programmes of major TCM hospitals may be selected at one's choice or according to the advice of doctors.) 

Description: Doctors touch the body surface, wounded part and aching place of the patient by pushing, holding and pressing (similar to massage) to achieve the efficacy of dredging the channel, dispersing vital energy and blood and curing pain. Application: Spraining, dearticulation and lumbar muscle degeneration, as well as prevention from various diseases. 
Charge per time: About 60 RMB


Description: Fuming is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy by which water and medicine are placed in a vessel by doctors and used for immersing the body of a patient. The skin and channels of the patient can be enabled to effectively absorb the medicine in warm water so that the efficacy of healing and health maintenance can be achieved. The method is also called green therapy due to its safety and environmental friendliness. 
Application: Rheumatism (arthritis and periarthritis of shoulder), skin and gynecological diseases. 
Charge per time:About 30 RMB


Acupuncture and moxibustion 
Description: As indicated in the Chinese science of acupuncture and moxibustion, a total of 361 acupoints are distributed on the human body. The method of acupuncture and moxibustion is to burn and smoke rod or grass on a certain acupoint on the surface of the human body to prevent and cure diseases by means of heat. Nowadays, it is popular to adopt the method to lose weight. 
Application: Respiratory diseases (rhinitis and pharyngitis), ophthalmology, nervous disease, cervical spondylosis, and obesity. 
Charge per time: About 45 RMB 


Fire Moxibustion Treatment 
Description: Fire moxibustion treatment is a new method by which fire is lighted on the specific parts of body to reduce weight, shape the part of human body, ward off diseases and build the body. Conducting the activities of spotting, pushing and malaxating, applying medicine and burning a fire around the part to be treated, doctors accelerate the blood circulation in the body, enhance the metabolism and effectively convert and decompose fats. 
Application: Obesity, cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder, lumbar muscle degeneration, arthritis and abdominal pain.
Charge per time: About 50 RMB 

火疗 拷贝.jpg

Description: Exclusive scrapping tools are used for dipping a certain amount of medium by corresponding method to scrap and rub the surface of the body repeatedly till red miliary shape emerges on the skin partially. In this way, toxins can be discharged. Application: Sunstroke, pyrexia as a result of a cold, and chloasma (Note: the method is prohibited for women during the menstration period)
Charge per time: About 35 RMB 


Auricular Point Pressing Therapy 
Description: It is an external therapy by which medicines are pasted to an auricular point by means of adhesive plaster, in combination with rubbing, pressing, pinching and suppressing so that a sense of numbing, swelling and aching arises. In this way, the purpose of cure can be achieved. 
Application: Long-term insomnia, various internal medicine diseases (such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, bronchial asthma, etc.), irregular menstruation. 
Charge per time: About 20 RMB


Tips: The charge per time of each programme excludes registration fee. 

(Special thanks to Doctor Li Shijiao from Xindu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine)


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