Shopping Mania: 30 Chic Stores (Selected Buyer Stores)

Selected Buyer Stores

25 Le Select Global Center It is a high-end buyer store with clothing, art & household, flower arrangement and food. Using glasses as the partition, various kinds of art and fashion activities could be hold here. You could appreciate ceramics and paintings while shopping.

le select.jpg

26 TUAN TUAN Dong Da Street It is a complex boutique buyer store from China Taiwan, and its founder Yamin Feng is called as "the Fashion godmother of Taiwan". Tuan Tuan sells not only male and female clothes and accessories, but also French royal perfume and featured household products. It is said that there are the most complete series of Balenciaga Motorcycle bags in Tuan Tuan. 

27 T.H.E Shenxianshu is a brands collection buyer store from Hong Kong. Here sells clothing by fashion designers, charming accessories, artistic life objects, special coffee brewing apparatus. Both furnishing and layout here are very fashionable and creative.  

28 Dressing for Fun(Shua Shan) Section 2 Hongxing Road In Chengdu dialect, the pronunciation of "Dressing for Fun" is "shua shan". Ture to its name, Shua Shan puts particular emphasis on the innovative use of colour, silhouette, and material quality of the clothing.

29 F-O-U-R Chunxi Road A young buyer brand, which sells a dozen of Chinese independent designer's products. Its name "Four" stands for funny, original, unlimited, and revolution.

30 MEME Space Poly Centre Established by Chengdu local artists, the shop is both fashionable and cultural. Most of the members of the team are with overseas education background, majoring in fashion design. They concern the clothing itself, and work on art equipments related to space.


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