Shopping Mania: 30 Chic Stores (Life Style Brands)

Life Style Brands

19 MUJI Sino-Ocean Taikoo Li Flagship Store With an area of 3241 m2 in total, it became the largest flagship store in the world when opened. It was designed by celebrated Japanese indoor designer Takashi Sugimoto, taking "pursing a feeling-good China life" as its theme. 


20 Mono Society Selling top-notch design products, stationery, and selected books from all over the world, it tries to bring the best experience of stationery and creative products to its customers, and pass on the brand concept of "managing life by heart, and feel the good things in life".

21 WooTon Located at the south of Jiuyan Bridge, WooTon is a collection store with pioneering concept. It includes various services, such as food, clothing, tattoo, art products, flower arrangement, and gym, providing a platform to communicate and gather for young people loving life. 

22 The Beast Born in Weibo at the end of 2011, the Beast has grown from a famous flower shop to an art & life brand. This shop in Chengdu is its the eighth offline shop, and the first Jewellery themed shop.

23 Fang Suo Commune Officially opened in January 2015, Fang Suo Commune is the cultural space mixing bookstore, aesthetic life, café, exhibition space, and clothing & fashion. It has been listed in 2015 the most beautiful 15 bookstores in the world by an authoritative household life magazine, soon after its opening.

24 Néo-éclectisme All the antiques in the store are bought from different European countries, and transported to Chengdu from Paris. Each of them is a solitary goods.

Note: the location of 19,20,22-25 is Chengdu Sino-Ocean Chengdu.



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