Shopping Mania: 30 Chic Stores (Fast Fashion Brands)

Fast Fashion Brands

13 COS IFS In 2014, COS opened its first store in Chengdu, after Beijing and Shanghai. It is a great place for Chengdu people to feel European design and quality.

14 H&M IFS With an area in total of 2471 m2, H&M IFS Chengdu is the biggest store of the brand in Chengdu. It brings household series here, besides clothing and accessories. 

15 ZARA Jinniu Wanda Plaza Located in Jinniu wanda, at the north of Chengdu, it is the most recommended ZARA store in the entire city. The store is neatly displayed, and the clothing is carefully divided according to styles and colours.

16 MANGO Times Parkson Established in 1984, Spanish brand MANGO is loved by city women because of its fashionable and urban design. Among MANGO's stores in Chengdu, the Times Parkson branch near Chunxi Road is most popular.

17 UNIQLO IFS Besides the famous panda sculpture in IFS, there is the largest store of Japanese brand UNIQLO in Chengdu. The store has occupied two floors, and the sizes and styles of clothing here are most complete in the city.

18 A&F IFS In August 2014, American fashion brand Abercrombie & Fitch opened its 2nd store in mainland China in Chengdu IFS. And it was quickly been in the a "must-go" list by trendsetters who loved American style.



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