Chengdu Flavor in Macau

In Macau, the "City of Gastronomy" by UNESCO like Chengdu, there are hundreds of prosperous Sichuan restaurants, and Chengdu dishes have been quietly listed one after another on the daily menus of local diners. Recently, "2019 Black Pearl Restaurant Guide", as part of Chinese cuisine list, was unveiled in Macau, which gave highlight to Chengdu flavor again in Macau.

From the three perspectives of cooking level, experience and heritage innovation, it took three months for the composers of the list to select 287 diamond-grade restaurants based on Chinese flavor preference in 22 Chinese cities and 5 overseas cities. In this list of the best restaurants in China, 15 Chengdu restaurants including The Bridge, Zifei and Yinba were selected. A restaurant named Yu Zhi Lan, founded by Sichuan cuisine master Lan Guijun, has been on the "Black Pearl Restaurant Guide" for two consecutive years.



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