Animated Short Film Bao by Sichuan Girl Won the Academy Awards

On February 25, 2019, the 91st US Academy Awards ceremony was held in Los Angeles, USA. An animated short film Bao directed by Shi Zhiyu, produced by Pixar Animation Studios in USA and released by Disney Films, won the Best Animated Short Film Award. The short film tells the story of a Chinese woman who is frustrated after her children grow up and live away from her. When one of her buns with stuffing "comes back to life" one day, everything changes dramatically.

Shi Zhiyu, director of Bao, is the first Chinese director in the Pixar animated short film production industry and the first female director as well. Her ancestral home was Mianyang, Sichuan, and she moved to Toronto with her family when she was two years old. She grew up in Toronto, graduated from Sheridan College, entered Disney Pixar as an intern, and designed and produced Bao based on her experience as a Chinese immigrant.



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