A Guide for Departure Tax Refund

    People from overseas could enjoy departure tax refund policy after shopping in Chengdu! On Jan. 1, 2016, departure tax refund policy for overseas travellers took effect in Chengdu, making Chengdu one of the second batch of cities to implement the policy after Beijing and Shanghai. Meanwhile, it is the first city in West China to do so. In 2015, Chengdu received 2.2 million overseas travellers in total, and shopping consumption made up 20% of their total consumption. The policy will not only save money for a large number of overseas travellers, but also make Chengdu closer to its target of becoming “an international shopping paradise”.


The definition of overseas visitors who could enjoy tax refund: 

Foreigners and citizens of Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, who have continuously lived within Chinese territory for less than 183 days.

The requirements of applying for tax refund:

Consumption of one overseas visitor reaches CNY 500 or more at one tax refund store in one day;

√ The tax refund goods have never been used;

√ The departure day is less than 90 days from buying day;

√ The tax refund goods are carried by the traveller himself/herself or checked in with luggage when leaving China.

Tax refund rate:

    According to the pilot policy of Chengdu, the tax refund rate is 11%, 9% will be refunded to the overseas visitor, and other 2% is the commission charge of tax refund agency.

Tax refund means: 

    Cash and bank card. You could choose one of them if your refund amount is less than CNY 10000; your tax will be refunded through bank card if it is more than CNY 10000.

The procedure of departure tax refund:

1. Overseas visitors ask for VAT invoice (normal) and refund application form for overseas visitors after shopping in tax refund stores;

2. Declare to customs when leaving China at departure port;

3. Apply for VAT refund to tax refund agency in departure port with supporting documents.

Tips: The tax refunded to tourists in Customs Surveillance Zone will be CNY, while tax refunded through bank card will be the currency of corresponding country.

The location of tax refund: Chengdu Customs, beside the international departure zone, T1, Shuangliu International Airport


List of the First Batch Tax Refund Stores:

Chunxi Road Shopping District: Chengdu Fengxiang Lou, Chengdu Wangfujing  Department Store, Chengdu International Finance Square (IFS), Chengdu Jinguan Yinlou, Chengdu Chicony Square, Chengdu Ito Yokado (Chunxi), Lane Crawford, Chengdu Isetan, Gucci Chengdu (Dacisi), Chanel Chengdu Branch, Hermes Chengdu Branch, Chengdu Hengdeli Watch & Glass, Tian Xin Yang Jewellery.

Tianfu Square Shopping District: Chengdu Far Eastern Department Store, Renhe Spring Department 

Jianshe Road Shopping District: Chengdu Hualian Commercial Building, MixC, Chengdu Ito Yokado (Jianshe Road)

Other Stores

Lotte Department Store (1700 Tianfu Avenue)

Chengdu Qibao Lou (118 Qintai Road)

Yanlord Landmark Plaza (1 Section 2, Renmin Road South)

Chengdu Ito Yokado Jinhua (29 Section 5, 2nd Road East)

Chengdu Ito Yokado Shuangnan (6 Yidu Road)

Chengdu Ito Yokado Wenjiang (33,77, Tianbao Street2222222222 East, Wenjiang District)

Chengdu Ito Yokado Gaoxin (999, 2nd Tianfu Street)

Renhe Spring Department Guanghua (19 Section 2, 2nd Ring Road West)

Chengdu Time Outlets (633, Shuangnan Avenue)

Chengdu Sichuan Brocade Embroidery Company (2 Caotang Road East, Shu Brocade Institute, Sichuan Brocade Embroidery Museum)



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