Guide for Booking a "Bus Wedding Car"

Recently, Chengdu Public Transport Group formally unveiled its wedding transport rental service. On January 6, 2 public buses were transformed into wedding cars for a newly-wedded couple. This is what those 2 buses look like:



For those interested in meeting your soon-to-be-wedded wife by a public bus, call 028-85016868 for inquiries.


Intrigued by innovative wedding cars, I went to understand a bit more about it and here are what I've learned.


Here's the guide

Shared bicycles - low carbon, environment friendly and economical




Motorbikes - first choice for true riders




Electric scooters - small but so cute




Tourist carts - taking your bride to see the world




Cable cars - if you could watch the sunrise it would be a huge bonus




Rickshaws - very old school




Boats - perfect for those looking for a romantic wedding on the waters of the Chinese Venice




Helicopters – I don't want to make comments




So, are you in the mood for getting married? Wait. Get married? Get real! Do you even have someone to marry?



Residence Permit in CD for Family Reunion


Registration of Transactions of second-hand Property