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Guide for Chengdu Public Libraries

Reading and learning are an important part of life. Living in a city with nearly 3,500 bookstores, bookworms in Chengdu are undoubtedly very happy. However, most of the bookstores only provide Chinese books and magazines. "Guests to Chengdu" with language barriers may feel alienated in such a situation. In fact, the public libraries in Chengdu have a rich collection of foreign books and magazines, which provide perfect places for reading and learning. Chengdu Helper in this release will guide you how to borrow books from the public libraries in Chengdu.


The largest library in Chengdu is Sichuan Provincial Library and Chengdu Library. Both libraries have physical collections and digital versions of foreign language books for foreign language readers.

Sichuan Provincial Library

Sichuan Provincial Library was founded in 1912. It is currently a member of the IFLA and the World Bank Data Depository, and is also the general library of Sichuan Province. It has a rich and unique collection with more than 5 million books, including 650,000 ancient books, 220,000 documents in the Republic of China, and 150 TB of digital resources.

Address: No. 4, Renmin Road West, Qingyang District, Chengdu

Tel: 028-86655171

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Next, we take the Sichuan Provincial Library as an example and show you how to borrow books from libraries.

Borrowing card processing application:

Foreigners and people from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan apply for a borrowing card at the general service desk of Sichuan Provincial Library with their valid documents, such as: passport, Hong Kong and Macao Pass, and Taiwan Compatriots Card. (In case of loss, the card holder needs to go to the general service desk to report the loss.)

Tips: It is free to apply for a borrowing card for the first time. In case of loss, it costs RMB 5.00 for a replaced card.

Borrow a book:

If a reader wants to borrow books from the library and take them home, he/she needs to use his/her borrowing card of Sichuan Provincial Library for the processing on the second-floor. Five Chinese books can be borrowed each time for a period of 30 days. Upon the expiration, if the borrowed books are not reserved by other people, the reader can apply for renewal. There is no deposit required to borrow books.

Tips: In borrowing a book, if one finds that the book is damaged, written or painted by former readers, with page loss, etc., he/she needs to immediately inform the library staff and ask for stamping to avoid compensation when returning.


If one just wants to read the books in the library without taking them away, he/she can go to the Chinese Reading Area, the Xingguang Reading Hall and the Foreign Languages & Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Reading Area on the 6th floor. Sichuan Provincial Library implements a card-free reading system. One can take two books from the shelves each time. After reading, please put the books  on the returning book cart and and they will be returned to the shelves by the staff.

Chengdu Library

Chengdu Library is a national first-class library assessed by the Ministry of Culture. The library opens every day throughout the year. There are 2.77 million paper copies and a digital resource of 100.39TB. It has realized a full coverage borrowing and returning within Chengdu jurisdiction. When a reader finishes registration at any library in Chengdu with his/her ID card, they can enjoy the shared free service of the paper and digital resources of whole Chengdu.


Address: No. 98 Wenweng Road, Qingyang District, Chengdu

Tel: 028-86130651

There are two differences regarding borrowing card application and borrowing rules:

1. Four books and magazines are allowed to be respectively borrowed at Chengdu Library, and one audio/video material.

2. After registering for the reader's card at Chengdu Library, one can borrow books from Chengdu Library and any of the 21 district and county public libraries in Chengdu city, and return books to any of them.

Tips:At present, Chengdu Library has five 24-hour self-service library spots including the main entrance of the library, B1 of Jinzhan Shopping Mall at Tianfu Square, Eastern Suburb Memory, CapitalLand in Jinniu District, and Languang COCO Era. Readers who have registered at Chengdu Library can borrow books from these 24-hour sub-district libraries and enjoy the convenience of returning them to Chengdu Library or any of the 21 county-level public libraries in Chengdu.

In addition to Chinese and foreign books and magazines, Chengdu's public libraries have a variety of Chinese and foreign documents and literature available. 

It's time to visit the library and enjoy knowledge.


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