Got It | IG Is Crowned Floods the Screen

  A few days ago, China won a world champion in esports. A total of 1.159 million Weibo users participated in the discussion on the topic, which has been viewed for more than 900 million times. China's People's Daily commented that IG had demonstrated Chinese esports and was regardedas a glory for the country.


  Taking this opportunity today, HIC wants to talk about "esports" in the Chinese class.


  Refers to a form of intellectual sporting events using electronic equipment. The esports will be a demonstration sport at the Jakarta Palembang 2018 Asian Games.


  Invictus Gaming (IG for short), an esports club, took a clean 3-0 sweep over the rival in the 2018 League of Legends World Championship Finals. This is the first time that the team in mainland China has been crowned the world champion. By virtue of IG's winning, straight men have been upgraded to the "egregious flirt". Get a feel for it.


  "IG has taken the crown of the world champion. Can I win your heart?"


  "The Moments is flooded with IG, but I love you." ("I" has the same pronunciation with "Ai"—a Chinese character meaning "love")


  "IG eventually won after three years, as if I finally got you for 20 years."


  In addition to such skilled cheesy pick-up lines, there are also lots of promises straight men need to keep.


  The original meaning is to deal with or clean up, yet modern people may say this word when they are sure that they can complete something. Before the 2018 League of Legends World Championship Finals, numerous viewers have said that if IG could win, they would have their head shaved, change women's costumes, wear a beard, etc. Guys, it's time to schedule these things. 


  Finally, congratulations again to Chinese esports and IG! Please leave message for HC about Chinese words that you want to learn!



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