It's September!

It's in September, another back-to-school season.

At the commencement of the semester, you will always discover that the students in a class can fall into several categories, and you can find several typical examples.

At today's Chinese tutorial, I will review the categories and you are welcome to find your place.


Tantalizing things or persons you can not get.

There is a kind of girls in each class: They are beautiful and good at study. They are the little assistants of teachers and heart-warming and sweet little darlings of their parents. They are the "white moonlight" in the mind of all boys.

Representative of "White Moonlight"

Ziwei from Princess Pearl

It refers to the big brother in a group.


In each class, there must be some naughty trouble-makers and scene-setters that usually play truant and mess up. They always score the lowest in exams.

Representative of Kingpin

Xu Taiyu from Our Times

People whose presence is not or little felt.


These people live in obscurity in class. They fare averagely in exams. But they are kind and generous. In one word, they are harmless commoners.

Representative of "Little Transparent"

Lu Wanwan from Story of Yanxi Palace

Which category do you belong to? Please drop a line.


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