Come On, Skilled Game Players

People can find jargons like "Chicken", "Chicken Dinner" or "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" on social media. But what does that mean?

Today, at the Chinese class, I will talk about the background of "Chicken Dinner" and other jargons popular in games.


It comes from PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG).

When you win the first-place prize, the game will pop up "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner."

Therefore, players often use "Chicken Dinner" to refer to the game. "Hi, how about having a chicken dinner tonight?"


It comes from Arena of Valor.

Before your battle with the enemy, the system will release these words to remind youto be prepared. It means that the enemy will attack you in five seconds, please get ready.


In the League of Legends, the first player getting killed is called "the First Blood." Hence, "impulsively send the first blood" means that a player gets himself/herself killed on purpose, which is just a joke or a provocation.

Do you understand these classic words? 


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