Have U Studied Online Today?

People seem to be more unrevealing on social media recently, with a decreasing number of those expressing personal opinions and showing off their slim bodies. But those who use online learning apps are still active. Learning English, drawing, photography and programming, people are busy with finding a variety of courses to learn something, which make themselves feel occupied and let their friends feel humbled.


Looking through the Moments, we find that perhaps half of our friends have accepted or currently engage in online education. How popular is China's online education?

According to the data, with the high waves of mobile internet, there are 138 million learners online, including over 90 million mobile phone users in China by the end of 2016. The data are on the rise over the years. China's online education achieved a market size of RMB 194.12 billion in 2017. As some media predict, this market is expected to exceed RMB 300 billion in 2018.

High valuation and investment, however, do not mean that online education is a lucrative business at present. As National Business Daily reported in 2017, an investment of RMB 7.5 billion has been raised in this market as of September in that year, yet 70% of the enterprises suffered losses. "Technological experts don't know about education, and educational professionals don't know about technology." Online education today is facing many challenges such as prolonged course duration, faculty with poor stability, and bad user experience. 

Of course, both online and offline education is aimed at helping people learn something. The brand, faculty and products of each education apps are key factors to attract students. Personally speaking, I expect that those who study online in the Moments can persevere, and engage in more diversified courses.


NetEase News: Online education companies have to improve the quality of their content, learning outcomes, public praise, as well as integration of technology and education in the future. Meanwhile, combing AI technology with educational products will be the next big thing in this industry.

National Business Daily: Although there are numerous online education companies suffering dificit, Chinese people's enthusiasm on online education still left a promising future to this industry. Jiang Min, Vice President of ZhenFund, thinks that when selecting online education projects, especially in service industry, customers focus more on the admission, educational administration, teaching, research capability, and the faculty; As for public education, the cultivation of IP, content and channel are more important to the users.


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