Registration and Filing of House Leasing

    Here's the guide to registration and filing of house leasing. Check it out.

Required Documents


    1.House-Leasing Contract; 

    2.Certificate of property ownership; 

    3.Identification documents of both the leaser and the leasee;

    4.In case of situation as follows: (1) If the rental house is co-owned by more than one owner, credentials that proves other co-owners' consent of leasing are required to submit; (2) If the leaser is a proxy, not the property owner, the letter of authorization is required to submit. (3) If the house is sublet, the sublessor shall present the proof of the lessor's consent to the sublet;

    5.Any other documents required by the registration department.

Application Process


    1.The applicant shall file application to the registration department, and only the documents that are complete and conform to the legal form will be accepted; If the errors on files can be corrected on the spot, the applicant is allowed to correct them right away; If the documents are not complete or congruent to the legal form, the applicant shall be fully informed of the files required to supplement or correct.

    2.Complete and eligible application will be reviewed and recorded in system instantly.

    3.Registration department shall issue the house-Leasing registration certificate within fixed period of time.

Applicable Object and Scope


    Houses tenancy within Chengdu's five districts (Jinniu District, Jingjiang District, Chenghua District, Qingyang District, Wuhou District) and Chengdu Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone.


    No charge

Time Limit of Processing

    One work day

Working hours

    Workday:9:00 - 12:00am;13:00 - 17:00pm

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