Panda Rollercoaster

Yours truly has some stupendous news - the construction for the trial line of the Panda Tourism Skytrain broke ground on July 20, which is slated to complete by the end of 2019. 

Look at this beauty, isn't it like an immaculate combination of rollercoaster and transportation?


As Chengdu's first tourism-oriented suspension railway, the Panda Tourism Skytrain travels within the territories of Jinyuan Town, Sujia Town and Anren Town of Dayi, revolves around the Anren Ancient Town, and links multiple tourist attractions together. Upon availability, riders on this "panda rollercoaster" will be able to journey around the Liu’s Estates cluster, Liu Xiang Mansion, Jianchuan Museum, Chuanxi Bazi and other natural scenic areas. Isn't that exciting?

Station locations

There are four stations on the whole line, namely Dayi Station, Guanghua Avenue, Sujia Town Station and Anren Station.

Among them, riders can conveniently transit to Chengdu-Pu Railway and Chengdu Metro Line 12 at Dayi Station.

About the Panda Skytrain

In fact, this is not the first Panda Skytrain. Early at the beginning of this year, the trial line of the Panda Skytrain, Chengdu's first suspension railway and the world’s first new energy-driven suspension railway, was already put into operation.

This suspension railway hangs on u-shaped tracks five meters above ground, and each train is comprised of two cars capable of accommodating approximately 236 passengers on a single journey.

Although it looks like a thrilling rollercoaster, but from climbing slopes to turning corners, the Panda Skytrain is very stable and can even operate safely under grade-nine gusts, so there is no need to worry.

Selection of Other Recent "Panda News"

Third Ring Road's "Panda Greenway" Opens

Already opened on July 1, the Chengdu Third Ring Road Panda Greenway has created a unique Chengdu cultural brand by adopting the "panda plus" model, which incorporates themes such as ancient Shu culture, folks customs and heritage, sports and music, and is supported by 20 grade-one service stations and 19 scenic sites and small gardens.

How beautiful is the Panda Greenway? Landscape on the Panda Greenway loop is divided into eight segments, switching between the combinations of spring-summer, summer-autumn, autumn-winter and winter-spring. The season of spring is dominated by cherry blossoms, Chinese plums and hall crabapple flowers; summer will see a lot of crape myrtles and blue jacarandas; and autumn will be predominated by drunken hibiscus, while winter will mainly feature wintersweets and camellias. At present, a total of 550,000 bamboos have been newly added, along with 25,300 newly planted bushes and flower trees, as well as 1.7 million square meters of grass and flowers. Quite gorgeous indeed~


Chengdu to Build "City of Panda"

Other than these "tabloid news" about the roly-poly panda, Chengdu will also build an ecological homeland, the "City of Panda," for these adorable creatures.

The "City of Panda" includes three major sectors, including Chengdu City North Lake Sector, Dujiangyan Sector and Lonquan Mountains Sector, totaling a planned area of 69 square kilometers. Let's take a look at the characteristics of these areas~

Chengdu City North Lake Sector

Location: Situated at the junction region between Chenghua District, Xindu District and Jinniu District of the city of Chengdu, and adjacent to the Jincheng Greenway and Panda Greenway.

Area: Approximately 35 square kilometers

Functions: Focal points include scientific researches, breeding, common scientific education, tourism, international cooperation, cultural construction, recreation and leisure functions related to endangered wildlife such as the giant panda.

Dujiangyan Sector

Location: Situated at the junction region between the southwestern side of Binjiang New Area of the city of Dujiangyan, and the World Heritage site of Dujiangyan Irrigation System and Mount Qingcheng; roughly 3.5km from the Giant Panda National Park.

Area: Approximately 23 square kilometers

Functions: Focal points include animal wilderness acclimatization research, acclimatization training and animal releasing into the wild, as well as upscale panda-featured eco-tourism experiences and international giant panda-themed entertainment and resort.

Lonquan Mountains Sector

Location: Situated at the Chengdu Longquan Mountains Urban Forest Park, within the territory of the Tianfu Botanical Garden currently under planning, and at the junction region between the city of Jianyang and the Danjingtai Scenic Zone.

Area: Approximately 11 square kilometers

Functions: Focal points include common scientific knowledge about the giant panda, research and development of an ecological bamboo industry and applications of bamboo-centric gardens and landscapes.


Friends from close and afar, come to Chengdu and find the pandas~


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