Is Anything Impossible?

Sockets need to shun away from water; conducting a surgery is a scene of "war-fighting"; drones are complex and difficult to assemble… These stereotypes are all shattered to pieces in Chengdu~ 

On July 28, Chengdu ArGangle Technology Co., Ltd. from Chengdu's Pidu District released the world's first waterproof insulated electrical socket. Check it out~ 


The secret behind the waterproof sockets is the "black technology": FS (Fence out Something) insulation electrical technology. FS technology makes electricity compatible with water and sparks are no longer generated from electrical connections. For example, not only is an underwater electrified waterproof power socket protected from leak or short circuit, but it can also be safely hot plugged and connected. Even if under circumstances of careless electric touch or improper operation, electrical accidents will be prevented.

Hold your thumbs-up, since there are more amazing "Chengdu-made" to come. Here they are~ 

Breaking the monopoly of foreign products: RV Reducer

Established in Chengdu High-tech Zone in 2016, Chengdu Shuang Chuang Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is striving to the independent research and develop RV Reducer for industrial robot. Currently, the company has accomplished the design of 11 types of RV Reducers and as mall-scale manufacturing of 3 regular types of RV Reducers, which is expected to break the monopoly of its counterparts in Japan.

The first R&D platform of all-around surgery robot in China 

Headquartered in Tianfu Software Park and Bio-town, Borns Robot Co., Ltd. is striving to the research, development, manufacturing, and clinical application of precise surgery robot.As the first R&D platform of all-around surgery robot in China, it has gained over one hundred patents in advanced surgery robots and intelligent surgery fields. 

The minimal-invasive multi-pole laparoscope of the company is designed to satisfy the clinical requirements for specialized minimal-invasive surgery. The surgery robot will be produced in 2019.

Drone Assembled by One Person within Two Minutes

The assembly of X-Swift drone, developed by AOSSCI Technology Co., Ltd., achieved modularized management. A person can finish the assembly within two minutes without  any tools. "Up in the sky faster"~

Black Technology Turns Phone into "Microscope"

The "black technology" of "the Water Droplets" developed and manufactured by Chengdu Puhua Technology Co., Ltd. can optically magnify the mobile phone camera by 60 times with a resolution of 4 microns. The company is preparing to introduce "the Water Droplets" to many fields such as family medical treatment, medical examination, body fluid testing, agricultural management, educational toys, etc.

Now is the proper time for a loud round of applause~ 


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