Can't Believe You Are Such a Street

Old Chengdu people all know the proverb "West royal (street) to east royal (street), lotus to pear flower". There are a lot of streets in Chengdu, and each street has stories for people to "dig deep". 

During the Five Dynasties, hibiscus trees were planted across the city, so Chengdu is also called Fu Rong City. Before the Qing Dynasty, there was a street in old Chengdu called "Furong" Street, which is today's Shaanxi Street. In the fall, the street would be full of hibiscus flowers, and therefore the name was obtained.


During the Qing dynasty, there were about 30 guildhalls of different sizes in Chengdu, and many guildhall buildings were stunning ancient architecture treasures. However, at present, existing guildhall buildings are only Guangdong Guildhall on Xikang Street and Shaanxi Guildhall on Shaanxi Street.

After the establishment of Shaanxi Guildhall, people from Shaanxi province often gathered here to drink tea, visit theatres, worship ancestors and talk about business. What a busy place! People worshiped Guan Yu in the Hall, and sacrificial ceremonies were held on May 13 of the lunar calendar every year. There was an anecdote in the streets about the reason why Furong Street was changed its name to Shaanxi Street. According to the story, the Shaanxi people living here gave candies to the kids around, and asked them to use the new street name Shaanxi Street, because of the saying that if you eat others' food, you have obey them. Gradually, Furong Street turned into Shaanxi Street.


Shaanxi Street always has a tradition of sewing. In the 1930s and 1940s, there were several tailor shops which could make formal suits, and it is said that many professors of Huaxiba were customers. In the 1980s, it became a sewing street, and the sewing shops were opened one by one. Today, it has become a street for costumes rental.


Walking through Shaanxi Street, you must not miss one of the leaders in Chengdu education—Shishi Union Middle School, and that is, the "four" of "479". Here is its middle school. Not only was there a middle school, but also the famous Yenching University was founded here during the War of Resistance (1942-1946). Four academic masters Chen Yinque, Xiao Gongquan, Wu Mi and Li Fanggui used to teach at Yenching University. Yenching University of Chengdu Shaanxi Street is regarded as a precious history.


How about it? Are you surprised? It is hard to believe that there are so many stories behind the seemingly ordinary street. So which street do you like best among the streets in Chengdu? Let's talk about your stories!


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