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How does it feel to be stuck in slow network?

Falling into sleep while downloading a film; being scolded because of entrapping teammates in Playerunknown's Battlegrounds; raging to throw the phone when the video pauses frequently...

There is no doubt that you must have experienced the above mentioned "desperations". However, all these will become history, since the 5G "black technology", capable of downloading a film in one second, will come to your rescue!

The era of 5G

Recently, three major operators, i.e. Unicom, Telecom and Mobile, signified that the 5G network will have its pilot construction in cities including Chengdu. On April 22, 2018, at the first Digital China Summit, Wen Ku, Director of Information and Communication Development Division, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, revealed big news - China's first batch of 5G mobile phones will be produced in the second half of 2019!

Meanwhile, the three operators are speeding up the 2G and 3G's withdrawal from network process. As for operation service, applying 4G or 5G on the 2G-vacated frequency band is more beneficial to network coverage expansion and network capacity enhancement. Many operators around the world have taken measures in succession to close down 2G network. With 2G's knell sounding louder and louder, the era of 5G is really approaching.


Network, ten times faster

5G is said to be fast, but how fast exactly?

For example:

At present, it might take you 10 minutes or even longer to download a high-definition movie. If, however, you have 5G, it will be no longer a dream to download films in seconds. To save a 30G blu-ray movie, it only takes you 18.75 seconds.


For gamers, the biggest rivals are delays and lags. While playing King of Glory, when you just want to catch somebody, due to delay, your skill can not be enforced immediately; while playing Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, when your rivals have already gone away, you are still aiming at the last second's location. What a bummer! The delay of 5G era, however, is only a few milliseconds. Believe it or not, you will be the MVP every time you play with 4G user teammates who are comparable with you in skills.

5G's advantage is more than just being faster in network speed. Once the 5G network is commercially available officially, besides enabling communication industry enter into a new round of development stage, it will drive multiple large scale emerging industries. Currently, many countries and regions attach high importance to 5G's commercial use. China, America, EU, Korea and Japan all plan to deploy 5G network in commercial use in the second half of 2019, and make it official in 2020. With the release of 5G international standards, the global 5G industry competition will get increasingly fierce. 



1G to 5G,  not achieved in one day

According to my counting,  the 1G era has been away for 35 years (age exposure)!

1G: In the 1980s, the brick-like mobile phone "Big Brother" was a symbol of successful people. There goes a catchword back then - "The first generation of mobile communication witnessed Big Brother's universal charm", which manifested the charm of "Big Brother" at that certain era.

2G: In 1996, 2G came out. At that time, simple voice communication and short messaging service were maturing, and the mobile phone's design also became smaller and more exquisite. Can you still recall the days dominated by Nokia?

3G: In 2002, 3G network came out and was introduced to China in 2009. Touchscreen phones gradually became a trend. Along with the acceleration of network speed, video calls and mobile music were a must-have for trendsetters.

4G: Since 2013, 4G network has become a standard configuration for smartphones. Phone functions are more and more powerful, with mobile payment, short videos, large-scale mobile games as well as others becoming key words in the current communication era.

5G: Surprises to be anticipated.



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