Guide to registration of change of vehicle body, frame or engine

Here's the guide to registration of change of vehicle body, frame or engine. Check it out.



Original copy of Application Form for Motor Vehicle Registration/Filing of Change (with signature of the official vehicle unit attorney or private car owner);

Original copy and photocopy of identity certificate of motor vehicle owner (see Annex Article 2);

Original copy of Motor Vehicle Registration Certificate;

Original copy of Motor Vehicle Driving Permit;

Original copy of vehicle safety technology inspection compliance certificate;

Application agent should also provide the original copy of identity certificate of the agent and the original copy of the legal written power of attorney provided by the motor vehicle owner.

Processing time limit

Registration should be settled within one working day from the date of acceptance. Suspectable vehicles, materials or certificates will be investigated (The duration of investigation is not included in the time limit).



Get information pre-recorded and vehicle inspected at the vehicle administration office (station), branch of traffic police bureau, district (city) county traffic police brigade → submit materials at the service window → pay the fees → obtain a license plate.


Legal liability

The motor vehicle owner should apply to the vehicle administration office for registration of change within ten days after the change. Where the owner fails to apply for registration of change within the specified time limit, the traffic management department of public security organs should impose a warning or a fine of not more than RMB 200.


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