Play with Your Cell on These Airlines!

  On January 17, 2018, both China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines announced that beginning on the 18th, usage of portable electronic devices will be permitted on flights.

  As of today, there are already 14 airlines that stated the permission to use use mobile phones in mid-air.

  January 17: Hainan Airlines

  January 18: China Eastern Airlines and Lucky Air

  January 19: China Southern Airlines, XiamenAir, Sichuan Airlines, Shanghai Airlines and Beijing Capital Airlines


  January 21: Air China, Spring Airlines, Chengdu Airlines

  January 22: Shandong Airlines, Loong Airlines


  January 23: Shenzhen Airlines

  HIC reminder: Usage of mobiles phone is not completely without restrictions.

  In light of safety in the passenger cabin, during key phases of the flight including taxi, take-off, descent and landing, portable electronic devices such as mobile phones and e-books are not allowed to be connected to accessories such as headphones or portable chargers. 

  Meanwhile, electronic devices or equipment that do not interfere with flight navigation and communication systems and used for sustenance or basic life functions such as hearing aids or pacemakers are permitted to be used throughout the entire course of the flight. 

  Under special circumstances such as low flight visibility, or if the aircrew discovers electronic interference and believes that such interference originates from portable electronic devices used by persons on the aircraft, the aircrew has the authority to demand passengers to shut off their portable electronic devices. Passengers shall follow aircrew instructions and turn off the power to and safely stow their portable electronic devices.



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