About the Spring Festival Travel Rush


  This is not a drill! On February 1, 2018, the 40-day period of Spring Festival Travel Rush unveiled its prelude. Those gorgeous trains in the above photo, parked in the Chengdu Bullet Train Storage Yard, just had an overhaul, totaling dozens set of bullet trains. They are ready to go. Once accepting the departing order, they will set off to all parts of China with numerous passengers.

Spring Festival Travel Rush

"Spring Festival Travel Rush" refers to the periodical great migration of the large scale transportation phenomenon during the 40 days in Chinese Spring Festival, from the 15rd day of the 12th month of lunar year to the 25th day of the 1st month next year. 

  The China Railway Chengdu Group predicted, this year, Chengdu Railway Station and Chengdu East Railway Station will serve 8.7 million passengers, an increase of 1.115 million people year-on-year.


Surprising Benefits

  During the Spring Festival Travel Rush, Chengdu bullet trains will carry out the "smart travel" service experiencing program which will not only introduce efficient and considerate services including the mobile payment of products on the train, but also rich the meals varieties of Internet order for passengers. Chengdu bullet trains have particularly launched the local specialties order service, such as hotpot condiments, preserved pork and sausages, chicken with chilies and fried dough twists. Passengers could complete their order on the App12306, and then after the trains departing, the stewards will deliver the ordered meals and local specialties to the passengers' seats.


Tremendous Change

  Over the years, the Spring Festival Travel Rush has increasingly changed. People now are taking more unhurried steps for returning home during this festival than before. The number of passengers increases by years though, the travel environment during the Spring Festival Travel Rush is increasingly improved.


  The above photo, taken on January 9, 2001, shows a volunteer (left) is giving out the trains schedule to passengers at the Chongqing Railway Station (taken by Zhou Hengyi, reporter of the Xinhua News Agency); The photo below, taken on January 13, 2017, shows children are observing "Xiaolu", the intelligent robot who provides consulting service for passengers, at Guangzhou South Railway Station (taken by Liang Xu, reporter of Xinhua News Agency).


  The above photo, taken on January 6, 2006, shows people are queuing at the temporary ticket office for buying train tickets in downtown Shanghai (taken by Chen Fei, reporter of Xinhua News Agency); the photo below, taken on January 13, 2017, shows passengers are buying tickets on the ticket vending machine at Nanchang Railway Station (taken by Zhou Mi, reporter of Xinhua News Agency).

  With advent of the Internet era, people can buy ticket online at anytime and anywhere, while the long queue scene at the ticket office is uncommon now.

  Have you ever experienced the Spring Festival Travel Rush of China? In your eyes, what kind of changes does the Spring Festival Travel Rush have? And what kind of "black technology" did you experience before? 


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