Instructions for Overseas Talents Settling in Chengdu

Talent recognition: Chengdu is the first city to increase organizations in charge of overseas talent recognition among cities at the same level. 25 member organizations of Chengdu Municipal Foreigner Service Management Work Leading Group are all eligible for recognition of overseas talent. 

Instant service: Exit-entry Administration Division of Chengdu Public Security Bureau provides port visa application and transfer services to overseas talents, rendering Chengdu the first city to provide such services in Central and Western China. Overseas talents who apply for port visa after arrival in Chengdu may instantly obtain their visas. 

Convenient services: Chengdu will issue five-year resident visa or valid multiple exit-entry visa to overseas talents, their spouses and underage children. 

Service stations: Exit-entry service stations will be set up in talent aggregation areas in Chengdu. They provide overseas talents in the neighborhood with accommodation registration and declaration service, visa expiration reminding service, exit-entry policies consulting and other services to fully facilitate their stay and living in Chengdu.


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