A World Cup without Reversal Is Soulless

There is something new in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, during which the video assistant referee (VAR) has made its debut, thus improving the fairness of the competition, and increasing people’s topic of conversation after the competition.

Now, in the heat of the group stage, the top 16 teams will come out soon, while the other half will leave Russia this week and go home. Today, HC will continue to study with you about the “Survival Skills of Fake Fans in Moments—You Will Win with These Verbs” of the World-Cup-themed Chinese class.



It refers to the result that is unexpected opposite to what most people expect. The term first appeared in the gambling house where people bet on the most potential one, resulting in a situation where most people follow a craze, and the underdog that nobody cares about will be a dark horse.

Connect with the World Cup: One of the key words for the 2018 FIFA World Cup is "Baoleng". For example, Iceland, the largest "Cinderella", has drawn with Argentina in1-1; Germany, the defending champion, was beaten 0-1 by Mexico. "Baoleng", for a majority of people, is like a thunderbolt out of a clear sky.



This term is to describe a goal scored very late in a deadlock game, which defies the opponent's victory.

Connect with the World Cup: During the game of Germany vs Sweden on June 24, Toni Kroos, a German footballer, had a last-gaspgoal in the 95th minute, which can be called as a "magic reversal". Finally,Germany defeated Sweden by 2-1, thus keeping alive its hopes of advancing.


It refers to the reversal of the situation or condition to the opposite direction.

Connect with the World Cup: During the game on June 23, Switzerland, with a long-range shot, a long-range raid and a win, finished the first reversal of this World Cup. Although the opponent scored inthe 5th minute of opening, the "Crusaders", with the sharp "Swiss Army Knife", broken into the defense line of Serbia in the second half, and won three precious points.

Have you learned these words today?


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