Chengdu Unveils 38 Policies for High Standard Construction of an International Gateway Hub Part.1

On June 19, the Press Office of the Chengdu Municipal Government hosted a "Chengdu Foreign Opening-up Policies and Construction of Western China's Foreign Affairs Center" press conference and officially announced the Opinions about Accelerating the Establishment of International Hub to Comprehensively Serve the Construction of the Belt and Road.(hereinafter referred to as Opinion).

The Opinion is divided into eight major parts and 38 policies and measures that stipulated primary guidance and thoughts, fundamental principles and overall objectives. Strengthening the organization and leadership of opening-up and coordinating the implementation of various policies, innovative development measures are taken in six areas, such as constructing a strategic conduit that connects the whole world and links up rivers and oceans, strengthening the "three zones, five industrial parks, multiple supports" open platform system, galvanizing optimization and upgrading of international trade and investment, promoting global allocation of resources and key factors, deepening people-to-people international exchanges and collaborations, and creating a lawful, international and convenient business climate.

At the same time, the Opinion focuses on the six areas of "constructing a strategic conduit that connects the whole world and links up rivers and oceans" and clarifies specific support policies. In the future, Chengdu will also come up with a series of policies related to construction of foreign-oriented strategic conduit, progression in development of trade in services and cross-border e-commerce, active integration into the Belt and Road, encouragement of international small and medium-sized enterprises to come to Chengdu for development, acceleration of construction of international communities, enhancement to convenience in residence, optimization to business climate, reinforcement to city brand marketing, cementing the in-depth and open collaborations in advanced manufacturing, promotion of international development in agriculture, and utilization of financing and leasing to speed up smart renovation and industrial transformation and upgrading, so as to come up with implementation proposals and details that are substantial in scale, accurate in measures and highly practical in design.


Four dimensions and overall objectives

To fully complete the construction of an international hub, an inland open highland, an international garden city, and a National Central City, with great openness leading the way for great development, the Opinion explicates Chengdu's precise implementation of new open measures from four dimensions, and overall objectives in planning for the construction of an international gateway hub with high-standards. 

Building an international hub. By 2022, goals include a total of more than 120 international (regional) passenger and freight flight routes across the city, formation of 48 passenger routes, 14 cargo routes and 30 cultural tourism aviation strategic channels, as well as seven international railway freight passages and five international freight-maritime intermodal transportation channels, surpassing 70 million passengers in aviation passenger traffic and 1.1 million tons in aviation cargo and mail throughput. Other goals include breaking through the one million TEU threshold in throughput at the international railway port, maintaining a leading position in international express railway among all domestic cities that host such railway operation, and reaching RMB 200 billion in trade in services. 

Completing the construction of an inland open highland. By 2022, goals include reaching RMB 1.2 trillion in total trade in goods and services in the whole city, more than USD 15 billion of foreign investment in actual use, over USD 2 billion in outward foreign direct investment, reaching 68% in contribution in science and technology advancement, and allocating 4.3% of gross regional production to research and development expenditures in society. 

To fully complete the construction of an international garden city. By 2022, goals include building a uniquely brilliant Chengdu signature based on the "three cities, three metropolises", formation of the early features of a garden city, fully completion of the creation of the Longquan Mountain Forest Park, acceleration in the construction of the Tianfu Greenway, firmly establishing an ecological and safe layout of a beautiful and livable garden city, preliminary completion of a holistic garden system, obtaining clear results in the construction of a low-carbon city, ensuring benefits of a sound ecological environment enjoyed by citizens, exceeding 40% in forest coverage rate across the city, surpassing 40% in completed regional green space, reaching more than 45% in urban greening, provision of 15 square meters in garden green space per capita, and enabling citizens to slow down pace of life, calm down themselves, embrace nature and revel in the goodness in life. 

To fully complete the construction of a National Central City. By 2022, goals include surpassing RMB 2.1 trillion in gross regional production, maintaining approximately 7.5% in annual growth rate, breaking through the RMB 1 trillion mark in total consumer goods retail sales, the nonlocal consumption to account for more than 30% in total consumer goods retail sales, setting up more than a hundred overseas general service stations in the countries along the Belt and Road, establishing international twin cities or friendly cooperation cities relations with all major cities along the Belt and Road, the annual inbound tourists to reach 6.2 million, and to host over 200 international conventions and exhibitions each year.


Five plans and opening-up measures

For efforts to constructing a strategic conduit that connects the whole world and links up rivers and oceans, the Opinion states "five plans," as in the execution of international passenger and freight aviation route expansion plan, aviation cargo key development plan, international train capacity enhancement plan, digital "Belt and Road" information passage construction plan and international supply chain system establishment plan.

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