Chengdu Announced Implementation Proposal for Promoting Development of Creative Economy, Talents in the Creative Economy are Entitled to Maximum of RMB 3 Million in Support Part.2

Formation of Three Major Creative Industry Application Scenarios 

   The Proposal has stipulated that Chengdu will develop seven major industries in the creative economy, specifically the media, film and television industry, creative design industry, modern fashion industry, music and arts industry, information service industry, convention and exhibition advertisement industry and training consulting industry. Targeting the developmental features of the creative economy, further steps will be taken to establish three major application scenarios, namely application scenarios for intellectual property economy, application scenarios for cross-sector integration and application scenarios for creative experiences. As such, Chengdu will focus on its intellectual properties, forge a Tianfu culture intellectual property "comet cluster" and carry out systematic organization and development of elements such as Dujiangyan water culture, Three Kingdoms culture and giant panda culture.


Cultural Creativity Enterprises Entitled to Maximum of RMB20 Million in Reward 

   It is worth mentioning that, the Proposal has stipulated policies and measures to be enacted to help drive creative industry development, including improving work mechanism, strengthening talent support, intensifying level of assistance and other contents. Efforts will be made to establish a unified coordination organization, affirm governmental agencies in charge, enhance indicator system and other methods to improve work mechanism. For creative projects and creative brands with independent intellectual property rights that establish themselves for future growth in Chengdu, contribute significantly and are selected into the "Chengdu Talent" plan, Chengdu will provide a maximum of RMB 3 million in support funding. For creative talents that earn more than RMB 500,000 in annual income, a reward not exceeding 5% of personal annual income will be given. For cultural creative talents or original works that obtain the highest level of international or national honors or awards, a maximum of RMB 500,000 reward will be given based on the type of accolade. For high-caliber creative talents that meet the requirements, a maximum of monthly RMB 3,000 relocation allowance will be given per person for a period of three years. Chengdu will also allocate emphatic support for creative enterprises. For creative enterprises that break through the one billion yuan, five billion yuan and ten billion yuan threshold in main business income for the first time, maximum reward of RMB 5 million, 10 million and 20 million will be respectively given. For Chengdu top hundred cultural creative enterprises that record 30% nominal growth in annual industry added value or service added value, a maximum reward of RMB 1 million will be given. For Chengdu-registered cultural creative enterprises that successfully list on the over-the-counter exchange for small companies, growth enterprise board, small and medium-sized enterprise board or main board, a maximum of RMB 1 million in reward will be given based on conditions. For lawful and legal major creative industry projects with suitable conditions for land supply, a "provision given as needed" policy will be adopted, and Chengdu will also actively support land usage for creative industry development purposes. 

   In order to give rise to more application scenarios for the creative economy, in the future Chengdu will also continue unveiling dedicated opinions or policies and measures in fields such as culture-sports-tourism integrated development, which will be beneficial to generating a more ideal development climate for the creative economy.

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