Chengdu Hosts Opening-Up Conference, Shares Opening-Up Opportunities with the Rest of the World Part.1

   On June 2, 2018, Chengdu hosted the Opening-up Conference. The event emphasized in-depth learning and implementation of the strategic deployments in a brand new opening-up layout as stipulated in the 19th National Congress of the CPC, full adherence to the spirits conveyed in General Secretary Xi Jinping's speech during his tour of Sichuan, the grasp of opportunities in the new epoch, active efforts in serving the construction of the "One Belt One Road," establishment of an international gateway hub in western China and high ground for opening-up in the inland area with high standards, provision of impetus for opening-up undertakings conducive to Chengdu's realization of the “three-step advancement” strategy, and the offer of important support to underpin new progress in the governance and revitalization of the Sichuan region.


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New Potentials in Cooperation 

Implementing Three Major Plans for Multinational Corporations, Intentions to Make Explorations in Establishment of a Uber Platform for Human Resources


   Chengdu intends to implement three major plans, namely "pinpointed introduction," "headquarters enhancement" and "capital increase incentive," for multinational corporations. Of which, it was stipulated that full support will be given to manufacturing projects that transform and upgrade into regional headquarters, and additional policy assistance will be provided to regional functional headquarters for duties like research and development, logistics, sales and finance, while customized policy support will be offered to constructions of headquarters buildings, headquarters bases and headquarters economy industrial parks in order to elevate the influence and true value of the "Chengdu headquarters" brand. At the same time, for enterprises established in Chengdu that increase their registered capital, reinvest profits or other formats of investment addition or production capacity expansion, policy support will be given. In terms of progress in the free-trade area, it will take active approaches to form collaborations with Shanghai, Guangdong and other domestic free-trade areas, as well as with free-trade ports like Singapore and Dubai, so as to strengthen its international investment and trade platform functions at a high level and attempt to fund an inland free-trade port. Worth mentioning is that Chengdu will also make full use of the system innovation function of its free-trade trial area system, reinforce the coordinated experiments of three functional zones, promote free-trade trial area expansion zones in various cities and prefectures, and accelerate the replication of experiences and policies conducive to promoting free-trade trial area, so as to engender sharing between free-trade trial areas. Driving global allocation of resources and key factors with high precision and high efficiency is paramount to Chengdu's new round of opening-up efforts. 

   It has been understood that in order to speed up Chengdu's formation of leading advantages in the new economic sector, steps will be taken to focus on the life cycle of new economic enterprises, aid Chengdu's institutions of higher education to carry out programs in emerging academic disciplines and the cultivation of professional talents, and support companies to recruit talents and operate resources on a global scale with governmental shareholding investment as guidance. 

   Meanwhile Chengdu will also put an emphasis on highly efficient coordination of human resources, accurately draw out distribution map of high-level talents around the globe and distribution map of structural demands for local talents, explore the establishment of an Uber-style platform for human resources and "double employment mechanism" for high-caliber talents, forge overseas talents offshore innovation and start-up bases, and adopt soft and flexible methods in recruiting talents worldwide. In addition, measures will be taken to set up a professional talents team proficient in the international language system and encourage partner countries to select and dispatch students to come to Chengdu's institutions of higher education to enroll in advanced study and start their career locally. 


Chengdu New Economy Ladder Cultivation Plan


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