2018 Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair Officially Opened Today

  On May 18, 2018, the 2018 Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair with the theme of "Developing New Economy and Cultivating New Driving Force" was officially opened. Top global experts, scholars, and industrial leaders gathered in Chengdu to give out the "world voice" of Chengdu New Economy. This year, it was positioned with professionalization, internationalization, marketization, brand, and visualization to realize the integration of offline activities and online platforms via forums, trading, competitions, and index issuance. By focusing on the major work defined by the Chengdu National Central City Industry Development Conference and the New Economy Development Conference, it consisted of 14 offline activities, namely one opening ceremony, eleven parallel sessions, one innovation & startup competition, and one innovation & startup element trading. All districts (cities) and counties organized offline supporting activities concurrently. Nine key activities such as the opening ceremony, Industrial Functional Zone & Institutions-University-Company Development Community High-end Summit, and Xinglong Lakeside • New Economy Development Forum were to be held today.


"China New Economy Index" Released Today

Chengdu innovation and startup atmosphere was demonstrated via high technology, panorama, and dimension at the opening ceremony whilst the "China New Economy Index" was released and the launching ceremony of the China-US Youth Maker Competition was held as well. The "China New Economy Index" was jointly researched by Caixin and BBD and officially published in March 2016. It is the first index in China that quantizes the development situation of Chinese new economy via publishing the mining method of big data timely. Through evaluating the importance of the role that new economy plays in the whole economy, the variation trend of the index, namely the value amount produced by new economy when the production of RMB 1 was achieved in Chinese economy, reflects the activity degree of new economy compared to traditional economy. Moreover, it is a vital indicator of new and old economy's variation to judge Chinese economy in the process of transformation.



Discuss New Economy Development from Multi-dimension


  The Industrial Functional Zone & University-Institution-Enterprise Development Community High-end Summit, which was held on May 18 with the theme of "Building Industrial Ecosphere and Innovation Eco-Chain", invited representatives from more than 100 universities at home and abroad and institutions such as Executive Director Matthew Harvey of Stanford University, and Dean Jeffrey Wood of the Business School of University of Essex, as well as representatives from state-owned and provincial-owned companies to attend the summit. They carried out in-depth discussions on the deep integration of university-institution-enterprise and functional zone, the establishment of community of shared interest as well as community of development, and the comprehensive improvement of functional zone's development capability level. 

  Besides, at the Intellectual Property Right & Economy Integration Development High-level Meeting, guests gave keynote speeches and had high-end dialogues on the promotion role that the creativity, application and protection of intellectual property right plays in green economy, sharing economy, and digital economy, as well as the strategy structuring of unicorn company intellectual property rights, and the advancement by talents and capital to the development of intellectual property rights. Furthermore, themed with "Co-Building Capital Chain, and Cultivating New Economy", China-EU Innovation & Venture Capital Summit, which is focused on new economy, medicine and environmental protection, joined hands with European International Investment Innovation Alliance to invite the first-class venture organizations and innovation & startup teams from China and Europe to carry out dialogues, project road shows, and B2B meetings.



Officials and experts attend pharmaceutical summit held in Wenjiang


Foreign Enterprises in Chengdu - Electronic, Communication and Hardware Industries