Application for "Gold Panda”Talent Special Award

  On May 8, 2018, the Chengdu Hi-tech Development Area launched the first batch of talent special award application for 2018. Eligible managerial talents and professional technical experts could obtain an award of at least RMB 1,500 and up to RMB 50,000. This special "gift" is one of the contents of the Chengdu Hi-tech Development Area "Gold Panda" Talent Scheme, which would assist companies to lower the cost of introducing and cultivating talents, accelerate the accumulation of various sorts of human resources and establish a robust area for human capital from around the globe. 

  To acquire this "gift", applicants should have an official employment contract with companies in the Chengdu Hi-tech Development Area with the prerequisite of having been hired by the company for at least one year (including one year). At the same time, applicant should have an annual salary of at least RMB100,000 (including RMB100,000), a bachelor's degree or above education background or senior professional technical title, and a managerial post or professional technical position in the company. Of which, management talents shall at least be in the post of a department manager. 

“The application scope must meet the industry development direction of Chengdu Hi-tech Zone”. A staff from the Chengdu Hi-tech Development Area Talent Service Center explained that applicants must be working in a company which belongs to one of the following five categories: high-tech company, software company, a company obtaining Chengdu Hi-tech Zone "Startup Talent" Project support, a company obtaining “Creative Talent” Project support, or a company that has been established inside the Human Resource Service Industry Park of Chengdu Hi-tech Development Area.

Application Procedure

This session of application will adopt a combination of online and offline. Applicants can first submit information online for pre-evaluation, and after the first evaluation, applicants need to submit materials offline for a second evaluation. Of which, the first evaluation time is scheduled from May 2 to 15, while the time for the second evaluation will run from May 16 to June 1.

Log in the online application system (www.cdhrsip.com/user/login) to register a company account - fill in and submit application materials - download second evaluation materials after passing the first evaluation (including the Basic Situation of Chengdu Hi-tech Development Area Talent Special Award Companies, Summary Statement of Chengdu Hi-tech Development Area Talent Special Award, and Letter of Credit of Application Materials) - participate in the offline second evaluation - log in website to check the progress of application.



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