Foreign expert in Sichuan receives R visa within one day

  Professor Morris Topaz successfully obtained an R visa from the Chinese Embassy in Israel on Jan 10, after receiving the first confirmation letter of foreign high-end talents one day before.


Chinese Consulate officials in Israel with Morris Topaz.[photo/safea.gov.cn]

  On the morning of Jan 10, Topaz took the confirmation letter issued by Sichuan province, a visa application form, his passport and other relevant materials to the Chinese Embassy in Israel to apply for a visa.


The R visa issued to Morris Topaz.[photo/safea.gov.cn]

  He obtained an R visa, valid for 10 years, with multiple entries and repeated stays in China of 180 days. Topaz said that "the talent visa has greatly facilitated foreign talents traveling into and out of China. The handling and application procedures have been greatly iimproved compared to the original ones. This is a good policy and a good measure for foreign talents."

  In accordance with the unified arrangements of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, nine provinces (cities), including Sichuan, have been implementing visas for foreign talents since Jan 1, 2018.

  According to the Measures for the Implementation of the System of Visa Issuance for Foreign Talents, the foreign talent visas are distributed to foreign high-level talents and those who can answer China’s urgent needs in economic and social development. They are qualified scientists, leading figures in science and technology, international entrepreneurs, specialists and highly-skilled personnel.

  Once being recognized as a needed top talent, a foreign expert may obtain a multiple entry visa with a period of validity of five or 10 years. Such visas allow them to stay in China for 180 days maximum at any one time, and these policies also apply to the expat's spouse and children. All applications can be completed online without any paperwork and free of charge. It takes five working days – instead of the 10 days it previously took – for the departments to complete the procedures.

  Moris Topaz is the Dean of the School of Clinical Continuing Education at Hebrew University in Israel, and is currently employed by Deyang People's Hospital in Sichuan province.

  He is the recipient of the China Government Friendship Award and the Tianfu Friendship Award. He has also been included on an honorary basis as among the top 15 influential foreign experts by the 30th anniversary of the reform and opening up policy. Topaz is a professor at Deyang City People's Hospital academician workstation.

  Since 2008 onwards he has been invited to provide technical guidance at the Deyang Municipal People's Hospital in Sichuan and Panzhihua, Luzhou, Ya'an, Guang'an and other hospitals more than 40 times. Especially after the 5.12 earthquake, he helped save a large number of traumatized patients.

  He also promoted the technology of trauma negative pressure treatment in Sichuan province, brought hundreds of medical personnel to master the technology, and founded a Wound Repair Center in Deyang. In the future, Topaz will continue to devote himself to gguiding the construction and development of the center.


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