Chengdu Agents Summit of the 2018 China Foreign Exchange Expo to Commence Soon

  The 2018 China Foreign Exchange Expo aims to establish a bridge to link forex brokers, currency asset management firms and financial technology companies with local agents and investors in order to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and the matchmaking of resources.

  This Expo is divided into two segments: Conference Zone and Exhibition Zone. The Exhibition Zone will mostly rely on formats such as product display and product experience to provide a holistic demonstration of fintech's actual value for exhibitors, while at the same time creating opportunities for the issuance of promo materials and the multifaceted dissemination of information about product value. The Conference Zone will host a one-day thematic seminar revolving around the central theme of "integration of science and technology into investment and trading, promotion of financial development through services" and will invite participation from about a dozen domestic foreign exchange platforms, asset management firms and forex fintech companies, which will offer the latest industry consultation and indicate investment directions for foreign exchange investors.


  Chengdu is a city unique for its quality where "oriental traditions and modern fashion seamlessly integrate," and it is also the primary point of entry into central and western China for foreign-funded banks. The Expo selected Chengdu as the first stop of its 2018 tour and will present to those interested in the finance and forex industries a chance to discuss about developments in the foreign exchange market and to seek future directions.


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