Stories of Newly Inscribed Intangible Cultural Heritage
As an important part of Sichuan culture, its intangible cultural heritage projects cover a wide range of fields. They originated and flourished in Chengdu and are passed down from generation to generation, allowing the essence and life of old Chengdu culture to be inherited until today. Recently, new members joined the team of provincial-level intangible heritages in Chengdu. Chengdu Pu Inkslab production skills, Tangchang traditional cloth shoes production skills, Tianpeng Peony Flower Festival, Yuantong Chuntai Fair at Qingming Festival and Hakka Water Dragon Festival have all been nominated to be among the list of the 5th batch of provincial intangible cultural heritage projects in Sichuan Province. Juntun Guokui production skill is planned to be listed in the extension list of the first four batches of provincial intangible heritages. Among these "new rookies of intangible heritages", there are both exquisite traditional craftsmanship and simple folk customs. How do they develop? What are their characteristics? And how are they passed down to the present? "Home in Chengdu" will give you the answers.
Scrumptious • Juntun Guokui

The perfect duo of “spicy-and-sour sweet potato noodle with pork intestine & Juntun Guokui” has been deeply imprinted in the lives of Chengdu people.

Intricate Needles and Delicate Weaving - Cloth Shoes of Tangchang

Other than its name, something else has also survived the millennia here in Tangchang Town - the Cloth Shoes of Tangchang.