Tips to Enjoy Beginning of Spring

  Beginning of Spring, the first solar term in China's Twenty-Four Solar Terms, marks the arrival of spring and the coming of a new year, and ushers in a good season for spring outing. In 2019, the date of Beginning of Spring coincides to be within the Spring Festival period. On the seventh day of the first lunar month, Chinese people have the customs of climbing mountains and travelling for an outing. After a chilly winter, it is highly recommended to go outside to be immersed in the vibes of spring.

Where to go?


  The various parks located within Chengdu urban area should be ranked as a priority. Nowadays, the parks are no longer what they were used to be - dull and boring. The carefully refurbished parks become locations for people to get closer to nature, work out, and conduct teaching through lively activities. What's more, boasting convenient transportation, these parks are ideal destinations for an entire family outing.

Recommendation: Qinglong Lake Wetland Park (Chengdu University Station of Metro Line 4), Jincheng Lake Wetland Park (Century City Station of Metro Line 1), Guixi Eco-park (Jincheng Square Station of Metro Line 1)


  As an alternative option, agritainment always holds a spot on Chengduese spring outing list. The countryside can present a brand new outlook as well. Taking selfies at online-celebrity places, experiencing handcraft, folk-custom, and culture, the list goes on.

Recommendation: Sansheng Town of Jinjiang District, Mingyue Village of Pujiang, Zhuyi Village of Daoming, Chongqing Road of Chongzhou


  Mountain-climbing remains as a must-try for multiple Chinese festivals. At the beginning of the Chinese New Year, it is deemed as a good start to climb mountains with family members and friends.

Recommendation: Longquan Mountain, Qingcheng Mountain, Pengzhou Gexian Mountain, Qionglai Tiantai Mountain

What to eat?

Spring Roll: As a spring seasonal food popular in Sichuan area, Spring Roll is made as follows: first shred and blanchvegetable, then add self-made seasoning sauce, and then wrap with thin tortilla-like pancake.

Cold Noodle: Dating back to the Tang Dynasty (618–907), Cold Noodle is a snack enjoying nationwide popularity. During the making, sesame oil needs to be added into the cooked noodle for stirring to avoid the noodle from sticking. Ingredients such as shredded chicken, bean sprout, sliced cucumber are also good selections. After adding some yummy seasoning sauce and stirring, a bowl of tasty Cold Noodle is ready to be wolfed down.

Other options: sandwich, rice ball, fruit 

What for fun?

  In addition to choosing the right kind of entertainment based on the specific conditions, the traditional sports such as flying kite, kicking shuttlecock, playing badminton and cycling are desirable options as well. If a suitable outdoor place is available, board role-playing games can be viewed as a good choice for the entire family to enjoy the nature while strengthening family bonding.