Consul Generals in Chengdu: Happy Chinese New Year!

Chengdu is an open and inclusive city, which has attracted 17 consulates to the city. As the Spring Festival approaches, Consul Generals in Chengdu have something to say.

Mr. Vithit Powattanasuk, Consul General of Royal Thai Consulate-General in Chengdu

    Spring Festival impression: The Spring Festival is very important to Thais. There are many overseas Chinese in Thailand, so the custom of celebrating the Chinese New Year remains. Everyone has dumplings together, meet with relatives and friends and enjoy the festival together.

    Recommended places for Spring Festival: Chengdu is a very beautiful place and there are many places to go. Examples are Mount Emei, Leshan and Jiuzhaigou Valley. You can also visit temples such as Daci Temple. More importantly, you should not miss visiting the pandas!

Ms. Katarzyna Wilkowiecka, Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Chengdu

    Spring Festival impression: It's my fourth Chinese new year in Chengdu, and I like it very much. First of all, there are less people, so the city is more available for foreign people; I like the quiet city during the Chinese New Year here. I'm not going anywhere outside the city this year, I will hang out with some friends, and I'm going on some walking tours in Chengdu. 

    Recommended places for Spring Festival: Dujiangyan, Qingcheng Mountain and Leshan.


Mr. Ran Peleg, Consul General of Israel in Chengdu

    Spring Festival impression: I used to live in Beijing, and I loved the Spring Festival there, because the city was empty and clean, and I would enjoy many nice performances. I think it is a great time to stay at home.

    Recommended places for Spring Festival: Wenshu Monastery.

Mr. Karel Srol, Consul General of the Czech Republic in Chengdu

    Spring Festival impression: I was deeply impressed by the fireworks, I've never seen it before in my life.

    Recommended places for Spring Festival: Jinli, kuanzhai Alley and Daci Temple. 

Mr. Christopher Lim, Consul General of Australia in Chengdu

    Spring Festival impression: I have celebrated Spring Festival twice before in China. There are some differences between Chinese and foreigners celebrating it. People here tend to reunite with families and friends. However, we have no family members in Chengdu, so we celebrate the Spring Festival with other consul general staff or friends. We also watch the Spring Festival Gala and hope to be more involved in Spring Festival relate activities after the festival.

    Recommended places for Spring Festival: Wuhou shrine and Kuanzhai Alley may be crowd with people but they are also very lively. It's better to go the park for a walk. For instance, you can go to the People's Park and Wangjiang Park to learn about local tea culture.


Mr. Muhammad Mudassir Tipu, Consul General of Pakistan in Chengdu

    Spring Festival impression: For the Chinese, it's part of Chinese culture, it's time for break, and many Chinese people travel from their work places to their homes where they see their families, so it's a moment of family reunion. I think it's wonderful. 

    Recommended places for Spring Festival: Taikoo li, Wanda center, Meishan City. 

Mr. Jehak Jang, Consul General of the Republic of Korea in Chengdu

    Spring Festival impression: I had been to Jinli during the Spring Festival. There were many tourists - even more than usual!

    Recommended places for Spring Festival: young people are advised to visit Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. Adults are advised to visit Wuhou Shrine, Kuanzhai Alley and Jinsha Site Museum.

Mr. Robert von Rimscha, Consul General of Germany in Chengdu

    Spring Festival impression: First of all, because the Spring Festival is at the start of the year, I want to congratulate all citizens of the exciting, colorful, very dynamic city of Chengdu, and wish them the best of the New Year. I personally will stay here this year, and I want to experience what this fascinating city is like during those couple of days. After all, this is my new home. 

Mr. Frank Eggmann, Consul General of Switzerland in Chengdu

    Spring Festival impression: Chinese New Year reminds me of my family in Switzerland. It's really the time when people come together and forget all the worries of the year. 

    Recommended places for Spring Festival: I usually go to Qingcheng Mountain with my friends, it's about two or three hours to the top of the mountain and down. We like that! 

Ms. Fabyène Mansencal, Consul General of France in Chengdu

    Spring Festival impression: Dumplings!

Mr. Pang Chee Wee, Consul General of Singapore in Chengdu

    Spring Festival impression: My first Spring Festival in Chengdu was last year. The atmosphere here was different from that in Singapore, where we celebrate it in a way closer to that in southern China. For example, we go to the flower market after a reunion dinner. Last year, I went with some Singaporeans living in Chengdu to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year with them. I had a very authentic meal and it was very special. Moreover, it's a new experience for me to set off firecrackers on the outskirts of Chengdu during the Spring Festival.

    Recommended places for Spring Festival: There are many lovely places in Chengdu, such as the various cultural attractions and Mount Emei, where you can enjoy hot springs. I prefer Dujiangyan. Being a diplomat and a student of science, I am still shocked by such a water conservancy project. It is worth checking out.