The 5th Chengdu Creative &Design Week to Kick off Tomorrow

the 2018 Golden Panda Design Award

Sichuan-Hong Kong Film and Television Cultural Exchange Day Launched

several films combining Hong Kong and Sichuan characteristics have entered the preliminary preparations.

"Made in Chengdu" Whole Vehicles Exported via China-Europe Express Railway for the First Time

On November 7, 2018, a China-Russia dedicated block chain carrying 123 Volvo model XC60 SUV departed from the Chengdu container center terminal to Moscow.

Well-known IP Cultural Tourism Projects to Settle in Sichuan

Sichuan Province - Multinational Corporation Supply Chain Matchmaking Meeting

"2018 Asia Pacific Financial Technology Overview" Released in Chengdu

An interpretative report on the 2018 financial technology.

First Ever Overseas Chinese Graduates Development Conference Held

On November 4, 2018, the first ever Overseas Chinese Graduates Development Conference was held in Chengdu.

Panda Conservation and Breeding International Conference to Be Held from Nov. 7 to 10

The latest data on giant pandas that have received extensive attention will also be released for the first time at the event.

FISE Chengdu2018Starts on November 1

FISE is the world's largest comprehensive extreme sports event including the BMX-UCI Freestyle Park competition.

The Third Polish Film Exhibition Held in Chengdu

The film "303 Squadron" was released as an opening film at Emei Film 1958.

UCI Urban Cycling World Championships is to Kick off

UCI Urban Cycling World Championships