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22,000 Resumes Submitted at Chengdu Job Fair

  On September 9, 2017, the 2017 Chengdu “Rong Piao” Young Professionals Job Fair, organized by Chengdu Talent Leading Group, took up at International Intangible Cultural Heritage Park.

  This event attracted about 300 well-known enterprises, including Coca Cola and COFCO. Among 8,614 positions offered, 7.1% were high-paying positions, while 91.5% required no previous work experience.

  A whopping crowd of over 22,000 young professionals and college graduates attended the event, contributing in total 14,249 resumes. 2,700 were able to reach preliminary agreement with participating employment. Some of the businesses at the event expressed their willingness for further contact with applicants based on their resumes.



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