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Chengdu Airport of Entry to Set Up "Belt and Road" Exclusive Channel

    In recent days, a "Belt and Road" exclusive channel was set up at the on-duty sector of the Chengdu airport of entry border control, which provides expedited border entry and customs clearance conveniences for key programs, key collaborations and key projects conducive to the establishment of the "Belt and Road" or Chinese or foreign guests participating in conferences or events related to the "Belt and Road". Eligible Chinese or foreign visitors may apply for use of the exclusive channel by presenting valid exit and entry document, visa (passport attachment), invitation letter or other effective document of proof to the on-duty officer.

    Since 2013, the number of outbound and inbound travelers inspected at Chengdu exit and entry and border control station have grown by an annual average of 19.6%, with the figure reaching over 5.99 million in 2018, ranking 4th among the airports of entry opened to foreign access in China, just behind Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou. In 2019, said station has already inspected more than 2.261 million outbound and inbound travelers, a climb of 19.3% relative to the same period in the previous year.


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