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China's First New Economy Fund Accelerator Landed in Chengdu

On April 25, 2019, China's first new economy fund accelerator was launched in Chengdu, and the opening ceremony of its first branch accelerator Tianfu FinTech Accelerator was held in Tianfu International Fund Town. Tianfu FinTech Accelerator is a technology organization with its financial services empowered by technology and services covering a wide array of hi-tech fields, including cloud computing, big data, block chain, artificial intelligence. Set up aside the accelerator is an industrial fund with a scale of RMB 200 million in the first phase to support the project launch. Going forward, Chengdu will set up in due course a cluster of Tianfu new economy fund accelerators, comprising the Tianfu Shenzhen Chengdu Fund Accelerator, the Tianfu Silicon Valley Accelerator, the Tianfu Military-Civilian Accelerator, and the Education Culture and Creativity Accelerator, among others.


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