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Sichuan Leshan Giant Buddha Officially Reopens Today

  On April 1, 2019, Sichuan Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Spot officially "reappeared" and reopened its Zigzag Road to tourists. The half price for scenic spot tickets and boating tickets due to the temporary closing of Zigzag Road will be restored to their original prices. The scenic spot ticket is 80 yuan/person, and 40 yuan/person for half price. The boating ticket is 70 yuan/person.

  The Zigzag Road is located on the stone wall on the right side of the Leshan Giant Buddha. It was constructed at the same time as the Buddha statue was cut. It is 1.45 meters wide at the widest point and 0.6 meters wide at the narrowest point, with a total of 217 stone steps, which zigzags all the way from the top to the foot of the Buddha. On October 8, 2018, with the approval of the National Cultural Heritage Administration, the Scenic Area Management Committee initiated the preliminary research and survey on the rescue and protection of the damaged area on Leshan Giant Buddha’s chest and abdomen. In order to avoid the mutual impact of the visit and survey, as well as safety reasons, the Zigzag Road was closed to tourists from the early morning of the scenic spot survey start.

四川乐山大佛今日正式“出关” 九曲栈道重新开放.jpg


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