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488: More Species of Wild Birds Found in Chengdu

  On March 29, 2019, the 38th Sichuan & Chengdu "Love Bird Week" theme campaign was held in the Dujiangyan Area of the Giant Panda National Park (Longxi - Hongkou National Nature Reserve), which unveiled the "Love Bird Week" campaign.

  At the launching ceremony, the Wildlife Protection Department of Chengdu Park City Construction Bureau announced the following data: Until today, Chengdu has recorded a total of 20,649 wintering water birds in 58 species and 488 wild bird species. According to the records, three species of birds, including magpie-color oriole, green-chess 8-color thrush and purple wide-mouth thrush were newly detected compared with the previous year. Chengdu also released the comic book Illustration of Wildlife Conservation for the first time. Through comics, it introduces knowledge, laws and regulations related to wildlife and its protection.

488种 成都现有野生鸟类又增加了.jpg


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