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Chengdu Metro Line 18 Completed Capping

    As an important transportation hub project for the implementation of the eastbound development strategy, Chengdu Rail Route 18 (Metro Line 18) is a composite function line integrating urban quick pass and airport specialline. Metro Line 18 is the fastest subway under construction in Chengdu, with a maximum design speed of 140 km/h. It takes less than 40 minutes from the South Railway Station to the new airport. At present, the subway main bodies are all capped. 

    The Phase I and Phase II of Chengdu Metro Line 18 starts from the South Railway Station and extends southward along the east side of Tianfu Avenue. It goes through Century City, Lushan, Tianfu New Area, Longquan Mountain, extends eastward through Sancha Lake Area, and ends at Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 of Tianfu Airport, with a total length of about 66.8 km and a total of 12 stations. It connects the main urban area of Chengdu and the new airport, and is expected to be completedthe same time as the Chengdu New Airport.



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