City Flash

More Than 20,000 Mu of Cherry Blossoms in Pujiang

    Recently, more than 20,000 mu (1mu≈666.7m2) of cherry blossoms in the Cherry Mountain Scenic Spot in Pujiang County, Chengdu, quietly embraced its opening season. At present, there are white-flower cherry, red-flower cherry and purple cherry trees in the Cherry Mountain Scenic Spot. Among them, purple cherry is a variety introduced in recent years, and there are standardized purple cherry picking gardens in the area. At present, there isa 3.6-kilometer greenway in the scenic spot. Tourists can not only appreciate flowers while walking through them, ride on greenways, taste rural food, visit Yujiabian ancient village, experience homestays, but also participate in traditional Chinese apparel show under cherry blossom, mountaineering, thousand people hiking, etc.



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