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Chengdu Jincheng Greenway Bicycle Expressway to Open in March

    A bicycle speed highway, which is located in Jincheng Greenway Phase I with a total length of 24 km, has been completed and will be open to the public in March, 2019. The 24-km bicycle expressway starts from Jincheng Lake, connects Guixi Ecological Park, Bailuwan Wetland, Jiangjia Yiyuan and Yushi Wetland, and ends at Qinglong Lake. 

Jincheng Lake: Located along Jiannan Avenue in the south of the city, it covers an area of 2,400 mu (1mu≈666.7m2). It is considered "Paradise for Night Runners" in Chengdu. It is one of the largest parks in the city and one of the 6 wetland parks along the border of the urban area.

Guixi Ecological Park: Located in the middle section of Tianfu Avenue, it covers about 93 hectares. It will build a Grade A greenway of two kilometers and a Grade B greenway of 4.5 km, connecting Jincheng Lake and Zhonghe Wetland.

Bailuwan Wetland: There is a Grade A greenway about four kilometers which is under upgrade construction. It is recommended to ride through it without stop.

Jiangjia Yiyuan: It covers an area of about 1,560 mu, with a red Grade A greenway of six meters wide and 2.8 km long, and apale yellow Grade B greenway of three meters wide and 3.8 km long. 

Yushi Wetland: 1.5 km Grade A greenway and 3km Grade B greenway. 

Qinglong Lake Wetland Park: It is currently the largest wetland park in Chengdu. There are more than 200 species of wild birds recorded in the park, including 30 rare, vulnerable and endangered birds.



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