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Chengdu to Choose and Name First Group of 500 Individuals in the First Round of Selection of Chengdu Craftsman

     On February 20, 2019, the Selection of "Chengdu Craftsman" Press Conference was hosted inside the Chengdu Working People's Culture Palace. It was announced at the event that in 2019, Chengdu will choose and name a first group of 500 individuals in its first round of selection of "Chengdu Craftsman". The program will be carried out in five stages, namely recommendation and application, assessment of qualification, review by experts, appraisal and approval by the Chengdu Municipal Talents Work Leadership Group, and finally public announcement. At present, the first edition of the "Chengdu Craftsman" selection and naming program has already commenced the recommendation and application phase.

    The Chengdu Municipal Party Committee and Chengdu Municipal Government will present certificate to each selected "Chengdu Craftsman," along with a one-time prize money of RMB20,000. High-level leading craftsmen that came from overseas to Chengdu for work are entitled to relevant expert's benefits in accordance with regulations; "Chengdu Craftsman" that satisfy conditions for "Chengdu talent green card" may be granted priority in receiving their status in accordance with relevant protocols; "Chengdu Craftsman" are entitled to the municipal government's relevant beneficial policies for skilled labor; "Chengdu Craftsman" that satisfy relevant conditions may apply for government-assisted rental housing without any academic degree requirements or restrictions; "Chengdu Craftsman" with RMB500,000 or above in annual income may receive a contribution-based bonus equal to up to 5% of his or her personal income.



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