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Yuan Tingdong Cultural Library in Chengdu Library Opens with Over 1,000 Kinds of Books on Bashu Culture

On February 26, 2019, Chengdu Library held the opening ceremony of Yuan Tingdong Cultural Library, which collects all the books, works, newspaper clippings and manuscripts donated by Yuan Tingdong. There are a total of 6,233 kinds including 6,453 books in the library, among which the books related to the Bashu culture are the most distinctive, with a total of 1,154 kinds including 1211 books related to Bushu history, folk customs, diet, Sichuan opera, etc. Some of the books are not collected even in Sichuan Provincial Library, Chengdu Library, and Sichuan University Library. 

Yuan Tingdong is a well-known scholar of Bashu culture in Chengdu. He has published more than 30 works and has long been committed to the spread and promotion of Bashu culture. He donated all his books, newspaper clippings, manuscripts and other precious materials to Chengdu Library.




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