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1,100-muPhase I Project of Moshang Huakai in Pidu District to Unveil June

As the largest rural revitalization agriculture and culture innovation project initiated in Pidu District, the Moshang Huakai project construction was acceleratedat the beginning of the New Year. According to the plan, the project will be open to the public in March 2019, and the 1100-mu (1mu≈666.7m2) Phase I will be open in June. Moshang Huakai is divided into five areas: the agricultural tourism demonstration area, the flower demonstration area, the grape demonstration area, the vegetable demonstration area, and the agricultural innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration area. Regarding the industrial model, the project takes agriculture as the core industry and adopts the "Agriculture Plus" industrial model to create a complex industry integrating rural tourism, nature education, urban farming, recreation and holiday, artistic creativity, and rural SOHO. 



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