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19 Landscape Nodes Available along the Chengdu Tianfu Panda Greenway

    As a key link of the "One axis, two mountains, three rings, seven belts" advocated by Chengdu Tianfu Greenway, the Panda Greenway features panda culture, and constructs a 5.1-square-kilometer cyclic "city park" and a 102-kilometer modern, high quality regional greenway, building the largest open-air panda culture museum in China.

    Panda Greenway combines the themes of Ancient Shu culture, folk culture, sports, music, etc. in the form of "Panda+". Panda Greenway also relies on 20 first-class service stations and 19 landscape nodes, and uses a variety of forms and techniques to create cultural brands with Chengdu characteristics. Among the 19 landscape nodes, there are many nodes full of unique cultural heritage of Chengdu.For example, the "Ancient Shu Blossom" node at the intersection of Qingjiang West Road at the inner side of the Third Ring Road and the Third Ring Road shows the elegant Shu-style charm through the combinations of panda and ancient Shu culture, and panda and Sichuan embroidery screen. At this node, the giant pandas put on ancient costumes, playing the Chinese zither and enjoying tea, reflecting the rich and elegant taste. The "Taoist Crane Singing" node at the intersection of Jinze Road of the Third Ring Road, mainly expresses the leisure culture of Chengdu, displays the elements of Taoist culture, and integrates the culture of Tianfu Taoist Panda.The giant pandas put on robe here and turned into "Panda Taoist."



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