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A Complete Success of the Three Major Spring Festival Cultural Events in Chengdu

    On February 20, 2019, three major traditional festival events of the 2019 Chengdu "New Year Culture and Art Month", the Chengdu Grand Temple Fair at Wuhou Shrine, the Chengdu Jinsha Sun Festival, and the Chengdu Poet-sage Cultural Festival, completed successfully. From February 3 to February 20, lasting for 18 days, the three Spring Festival cultural events received nearly 3 million viewers, 1.53 million visitors to the Chengdu Grand Temple Fair, nearly 500,000 visitors to the Chengdu Jinsha Sun Festival, and nearly 700,000 visitors to the Chengdu Poet-sage Cultural Festival.

    The last day of "2019 Chengdu Grand Temple Fair at Wuhou Shrine" ushered in a cultural exchange activity with the ancient city, Suzhou. The interpretation of Suzhou traditional garden, the glimpse of the beautiful landscapes of the ancient water town, and the performance of the Pingtan Kun Opera brought by Suzhou Tiger Hill and Lingering Garden scenic spots painted elegant color of the unique Su-style charm for the successful ending of the Grand Temple Fair, allowing visitors to appreciate the authentic beauty of Suzhou in Chengdu.The "Jinsha Sun Festival", which has been held in Jinsha Site Museum for 11 consecutive years, accompanies visitors during the Spring Festival every year. At night, numerous lights are oncelebrating the Spring Festival with the public.The "Chengdu Poet-sage Cultural Festival Autumn Chapter: Night Tour in Thatched Cottage" series of cultural events also attracted thousands of visitors. 



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